The Association is a way of keeping
in touch with old shipmates and
friends as well as keeping abreast with
the latest information of today's Navy.


Association Achievements


We have refrained from putting the names of our members to the events and accomplishments due in part to the fact that the ACPOA membership spanned Canada and the world. The efforts at times tireless and against all odds were accomplished by the monetary support of all then wrapped in the love of seeing a project from start to finish from our home base in “Slackers” (Halifax) in a proper and seaman like manner, under the auspices of “The Maritime Commander”, Maritime Command who’s valuable assistance and direction when sought was always most appreciated. We also would like to give thanks to other service organizations, the outstanding people of Halifax and beyond who supported each and every one of our projects. We after all were the lucky ones as many of Canada’s gallant sailors never returned to port and shall not be forgotten. We trust our efforts on their behalf will forever remain a visible sign of remembrance. ACPOA, Halifax, Nova Scotia In the year of 2010

  1. Creation of the “Sailor” statue that now stands on the waterfront in downtown Halifax at Sackville Landing.
  2. Annual service for CPO Albert Kynman and HMCS Esquimalt in conjunction with the Chief and Petty Officers Association Victoria BC
  3. Annual presentation of plaques to outstanding cadets at HMCS
  4. Acadia (Sea Cadet Summer Camp) Cornwallis Nova Scotia
  5. Continuing support of food banks
  6. Placing of stained glass windows in the Veterans Memorial Hospital Chapel
  7. Purchasing of large screen TV for Veterans Memorial Hospital
  8. Purchase of TV for smoking lounge in VMH
  9. Sponsoring of sitting bench for Veterans Memorial Hospital
  10. Monthly Sing-a-long at Veterans Memorial Hospital c/w with hand held duff for snacks
  11. Sponsoring of restoration of St. George’s Church Halifax
  12. Sponsoring of Navy Pew in St. George’s Church Halifax
  13. Aiding in restoration of St. George’s Church, Lunenburg
  14. Weekly Charity Bingo in aid of the IWK Children’s Hospital
  15. Placing of Muramask Memorial Mast in Point Pleasant Park
  16. Initiated the naming of “Sailors Memorial Way” Point Pleasant Park
  17. Initiated the naming of the Fleet Fitness Centre in Honour of deceased member, CPO – Ralf “Jigger” Mott.
  18. Plaque for the Sea Gull Club in recognition of service for thousands of Sailors who enjoyed a variety of pleasures of home away from  home
  19. Plaque on South Street in remembrance of Naval H Q Building
  20. Plague for Maritime Foundation tugs on Halifax waterfront
  21. Inspiration for the Sailor Statue in Burlington Ontario
  22. Supplied school supplies for Pitcairn Island via Picton Castle
  23. Sponsoring of Carpet Bed in Public Gardens for Naval Centennial
  24. Placing of Warship Memorial on Halifax waterfront

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